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Looking for someone with experience creating great Rich Media Ads? Find a certified partner.

Tips and Tricks

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The QA badge has been updated! Take the exam and get your new badge today

We launched a new Studio Certification QA badge for developers on March 13th and are expiring all older QA badges on July 1st. Learn about the new QA Badge and update your certification today.

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Benefits of becoming a Certified Partner

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Spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating:

Build the expertise to get the simple stuff out of the way quickly and invest your time in the innovative creative that wins awards.

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Take control of your turnaround times:

Eliminate those 24-hour creative review cycles and QA rejections. Instead, with the QA certification exam, QA and push your own creative over to your media agency and get your campaigns out the door much faster.

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Promote your expertise:

Get your name on our Certified Partner list and add your certification badges to your website, so you can prove to your clients that you're the right person for the job.

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Receive VIP treatment:

As a Certified Partner, you get access to:

  • live chat support
  • early product betas
  • exclusive DoubleClick events


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Keep your skills fresh

Upgrade your skills with additional certifications in:

  • HTML5
  • Dynamic Creative
  • YouTube Masthead
  • Display a badge for each additional certification on your website to demonstrate the extent of your expertise.

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Studio Certification Awards

The Studio Certification Awards recognize great creative developers who drive innovation in Rich Media to the next level. Join the program and submit your work to claim your place in the hall of fame!