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HTML5: Create your HTML5 Rich Media builds via DoubleClick Studio

What is it?

HTML5HTML5 is a universal language for building beautiful, engaging content that can run across desktops, smart phones, and tablets. HTML5 is especially useful with rich media creatives because rendering is done by the browser, so you don't have to rely on third-party plug-ins (such as Flash). HTML5 is a standard for structuring and delivering web content and is constructed as a combination of HTML, JavaScript and CSS assets.

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DoubleClick Studio

Build HTML5 Rich Media creative with DoubleClick Studio. Whether you want to build a pure HTML5 creative or a backup to your traditional Flash ad, DoubleClick Studio provides the more adventurous of developers out there the flexibility for hand-coding HTML5 that can be directly uploaded directly into the studio UI. This approach also allows a developer to integrate some of our powerful HTML5 components and solutions directly into their HTML5 rich media creatives and lets them really create an impactful creative experience that will work across any screen.

A selection of some of our latest solutions can be seen below:


Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a free HTML5 authoring tool that provides developers and designers with an easy yet robust development tool for building HTML5 ads. With easy to use drag and drop components and animations, yet a completely open and editable code base on the backend, Google Web Designer is both accessible to the novice who doesn't know how to code as well as to the expert who wants full control and flexibility with their tool suite. Additionally, GWD will seamlessly integrate with DoubleClick Studio and AdMob Reserve, so users can easily execute HTML5 Rich Media creatives to serve an engaging ad experience across screens.

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Create simple and effective creative by using the HTML5 Layout templates in Studio such as Swipe Gallery, Slideshow and Video Gallery. There are many more in development so stay tuned.

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Adobe Edge Animate

Studio will now support creatives built in Adobe Edge Animate! A number of templates of varying formats are available to be installed into Adobe Edge Animate and used as a starting point to build DoubleClick Rich Media creatives. Creatives built with these templates will work seamlessly when uploaded to Studio, will include the Studio enabler, and will automatically polite load. They are available in the Rich Media Gallery Template Database and can be found by filtering on Adobe Edge Animate.

When developing in HTML5, creative assets are often organized using sub folders. This will now be supported in Studio. A zip file containing sub folders can be uploaded to Studio as a new creative and these folders will be maintained and displayed. In addition, users will be able to modify the path via the Studio UI if desired.

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DoubleClick Rich Media is certified for a number of Networks and Publishers. For uncertified In-App networks please contact the certification team using this form as we are continue our outreach and network verification for Mobile In-App.

Google Apps Reserve - AdMob

Run Custom creatives built in DoubleClick Studio across Google's App network. Download the Mobile Ads Showcase App (available on Android). Create innovative custom creatives or choose from a series of templated designs or formats. Contact your Google sales representative for more info.

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Studio Certification for HTML5

Not sure where to get started with HTML5? Perhaps our training and certification is for you? The program distinguishes developers as highly skilled in HTML5 and gives the opportunity to promote your expertise within the Rich Media Gallery.

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