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Advertise with Waze 23 July 2014

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So what is Waze?

Waze is an award-winning crowd sourced navigation app. With over six million active users each month in the US joining forces to outsmart traffic, save time and gas, Waze improves daily commuting for all. Our goal is to save our users five minutes a day.

Why advertise on Waze?

Wazers learn where your business is located or where your products are sold. With our unique ad units, you can include business details like store hours and show offers and incentives to encourage visits.

Waze Advertising Benefits

Ads on Waze can increase location and brand awareness by aligning your message with Wazers’ daily activities through unique ad formats on our much-loved application.

Industry-leading location-based marketing

Reach users in the context of their drive, whether they’re approaching your location, searching nearby, or heading to a particular type of place.

Claim your Locations[demo]

Waze’s map pins highlight your stores or locations where your product is sold. Our interactive pins are like digital billboards, educating and reminding drivers of places near their drive. Our pins also have interactive features, allowing Wazers to learn more about your products or services.

High Impact “Zero-Speed Takeover Units”[demo]

Our unique Takeover units are shown to users during stops on their drive. There is lots of room for your brand’s message, and these can be targeted based on driving conditions, such as route length, type of destination, traffic conditions or weather.

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